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Birds are flighty at this, the end of grouse season in Maine. Kit’s bird did not try to outrun her but shot up like a canon out of a rocket and was gone so fast I barely caught a glimpse of it. We had three solid months of grouse hunting this past fall…among the best […]

Grouse Fans available in “The Grouse Woods” We’ve updated our Online Store at Chris Mathan Photo with 2 New Galleries in Autumn 2011-New Photos (“The Grouse Woods” and “Autumn 2011”) and Bird Dogs (“Puppies!!!”) A great selection of many new photographs! Prints are the highest professional quality from Millers Labs and are available in a […]

For new photos from this fall’s grouse hunting season, visit: Gallery: The Grouse Woods at Chris Mathan Photos Grouse Fans and Winterberry